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Chimney Repair in Washington, PA

Johnston’s Chimney Sweep Inc Repairs Chimneys

Are you looking for experienced chimney repair in Washington, PA? Johnston’s Chimney Sweep Inc is here to help. Damaged chimneys are a great threat to your home or business, as they can be a fire hazard. Chimneys with holes or cracks can also allow water, ice, and pests to easily move through the chimney, causing costly water damage. Our team has experience handling chimney repair and can perform video inspections to seek out these cracks, holes, or other problems. We can also clean chimneys to keep them functioning and to limit the chance of damage.

Call us today at (724) 872-7339 for an estimate or to schedule service. We proudly serve Washington, PA, and the surrounding areas.

Ask About Chimney Relining in Washington, PA

You may not think much about your chimney liner, but it is an essential part of the chimney. The liner protects the chimney from smoke and debris that can break it down overtime. While chimney liners last for close to 20 years, it is always good to have a professional inspect the liner and make sure it is good for use.

If there are any issues, count on Johnston’s Chimney Sweep Inc for chimney relining in Washington, PA.

Smoke Chamber Repair for Homes and Businesses in Western PA

Johnston’s Chimney Sweep Inc offers smoke chamber repair for homes and businesses in Western PA. Smoke chambers are what directs the smoke into the chimney. Without proper cleaning and inspections, these chambers can break down over time. Instead of not using the chimney or going on with damage, count on our team for repair. We work with residents of Pittsburgh, PA; Canonsburg, PA; Washington, PA; and the surrounding areas to keep their chimneys protected and ready for use.

Johnston’s Chimney Sweep Inc Repairs and Installs Cap Dampers

Johnston’s Chimney Sweep Inc repairs and installs cap dampers in Washington, PA, and the surrounding areas. Cap dampers keep water, ice, pests, and other debris from entering the chimney. Dampers also keep heat from escaping out of the chimney instead of providing that warm, comfortable air that you are looking for. If you believe that your cap damper needs repair in the Washington, PA, area, contact our team right away.

Call Johnston’s Chimney Sweep Inc for chimney repair in Washington, PA.